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Why MicroERD?

With MicroERDTM, building a data model at a low cost

Maintain your data model's quality through MicroERDTM. It makes a data modeling environment by providing necessary functions for data model design, technical support for use, and constant updates.

With MicroERDTM, we promise you a successful data modeling environment such as increase in productivity of data model design, license policy minimizing the cost burden of corporations, and free upgrades and troubleshooting through our technical support forum for a certain period of time. We, moreover, provides additional services such as free technical support and free online lecture about MicroERDTM so that you can utilize MicroERDTM's full functions.

  1. Higher-quality data model management architecture
    MicroERDTM supports many different kinds of DBMS through the management architecture for a data model and metadata of standardization information and also enables to compare and merge many different data models. In addition, it maintains the perfect backward compatibility even if the program is updated to a higher version.

  2. Product upgrades for MicroERDTM's evolution
    Through a constantly open channel, opinions about the product are accepted and changes are reflected, and the program automatically checks for and performs updates on every execution. Therefore, users can keep their programs to the latest state at all times. Within the range of MicroERD version's license contract, all product updates are free of charge.

  3. License flexibility for minimizing client's cost

    If a corporate has a plenty of modelers and wants to control software resources more efficiently, we provides a cost effective and flexible license system including all the functions of MicroERD and customer support services.

  4. Increase in working efficiency with document automation
    With the Report Designer provided by default, you can create your own templates to meet your corporate's needs and it can be also applied to other applications since it supports various file formats. Default templates provided with MicroERDTM can maximize working efficiency when used with the document automation function.

  5. Modeling with high completeness through Model Validator
    With a tool for model integrity and consistency maintenance of standardized applications, you can design a model with high completeness and minimize extra work when you apply the data model to a real database.

  6. Increase in working efficiency through various diagram layouts
    With efficient and diverse diagram layouts provided by MicroERDTM, you can create easy to read and comprehend diagrams. It is especially useful for reverse engineering from a database without any diagram information

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